Western Governors University Online Accounting Degree Program

Western Governors University Online Accounting Degree ProgramA degree in accounting prepares graduates for work as accountants and auditors in a range of employment settings, including bookkeeping and payroll services, corporate finance, insurance companies and state or local government agencies. The U.S. Department of Labor predicts consistent growth in the field, making an accounting degree a worthwhile investment for detail-oriented, analytically minded individuals with an aptitude for numbers. Like many of today’s potential degree candidates, a growing number of such individuals may find it challenging or impossible to fit further education into their busy lives, whether due to career demands, family obligations or locational factors. The good news is that the world of higher education is beginning to take more notice of these non-traditional students, and Western Governors University strives to lead the way. Western Governors University was founded by 19 U.S. state governors determined to make academic success more accessible to adult students, and is the first such university ever established in United States history. Now a national online university, WGU’s competency-oriented degree programs offer self-directed learners a unique educational approach, and the Western Governors University Online Accounting Degree Program is no exception.

Details of Western Governors University Online Accounting Degree Program

The bachelor of science in accounting degree offered by Western Governors University differs from conventional degree tracks in much more than just its online delivery format. Dispensing with credits and classes, the program instead focuses on “competency units” that a degree candidate must demonstrate mastery of in order to graduate. Competency is determined through a variety of assessment measures, including papers and tests. Western Governors University has also done away with the traditional letter grade system in favor of a pass/fail system. Designed primarily for students with some related work or college experience, Western Governors University Online Accounting Degree Program encompasses coursework in accounting principles, cost and managerial accounting, finance information technology, business law, global business, quantitative analysis and economics. The program’s curriculum culminates with an accounting capstone project.

In making admissions decisions, Western Governors University considers previous college and work experience and applicant interviews, as well as the time commitment that an applicant is able to make toward his or her studies. To ensure that each admitted student is ready to succeed in a competency-oriented, online learning format, Western Governors University requires applicants to take the WGU Collegiate Readiness Assessment prior to matriculation.

Western Governors University’s tuition format is unique in that students pay for the amount of time spent enrolled in the program, rather than for the number of credits earned. Total tuition costs for the conventional four years of study equal to $23,310. Three years of study will cost $17,340, while two years will cost $11,560. Eligible students may apply for federal financial aid. The school’s generous transfer credit policies further underscore the emphasis on timely degree completion. The Western Governors University online accounting degree program is designed to allow students to finish their degrees as successfully and as expediently as possible, readying graduates for a rewarding real-world career.

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